ISCE-GII Research Support Programt

The Institute for Society, Culture and Environment supports a Global Issues Initiative (GII) Research Support Program (RSP). The purpose of the RSP is to enhance faculty scholarship in the social sciences and humanities directed toward global issues with significant implications for the United States. this is a broad-based program to support innovative research projects across the GII scope. Supported research aligns with the research program of the applicant with strong past or potential for significant future support from government agencies, corporations, industrial consortia, or foundations. The RSP oprovides financial support to further develop an existing area of research or to develop new expertise in a research area. It is expected that projects will result in at least one publicatin (journal article, book chapter) and ultimately position faculty to seek external funds to further their research and scholarship in this area.

2012-13Call for Applications

Summaries of 2012-13 Funded Projects

2013-14 Call for Applications

Summaries of 2013-14 Funded Projects

2014-15 Call for Applications

Summaries of 2014-15 Funded Projects